User-Device Authentication in Bluetooth


In this project we have laid an emphasis on designing the security in file transmission through Bluetooth using enhanced authentication.

  • The issue of selection of an optimal algorithm for finger print matching is very critical and is of great concern to designers.
  • The providence of a two level authentication no doubt provides an added
    security to feature to the devices that use Bluetooth technology.
  • Increased threats during the data transmission has forced the key generation algorithms to be strong. Stronger the key generation algorithm is, the less vulnerable the system is to external threats like spoofing, eavesdropping and denial of service attacks.
  • We also conclude that to use any component in the design, it is essential that the architecture is first known and then proceed with the design.
  • Instead, of immediate pairing after authentication, the addition of a procedure for handshake before pairing increases security to the next level.


I believe that this project would help augment the general users’ understanding of Bluetooth technology and fingerprint as biometrics, particularly with respect to their utility, familiarity, and moreover to lead to a heightened awareness of the important role that fingerprint as biometrics and unique identification of the device collectively are expected to play in enhancing the security of a system.